Beach Front Hotels

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Segara Village Hotel

The Segara Village Hotel is  well established, beachfront resort recently re-opened as one of Sanur’s premier, 4  star properties. Keeping true to its unique Balinese village concept, each of the five distinct Village areas retain their original charm, the check-in […]

Gazebo Beach Hotel

Gazebo Beach Hotel Sanur was designed in the traditional Balinese architecture, it offers an artistic exterior, some with thatched roofs and terracotta tiles, whilst others are delightfully set with their own gardens or balconies overlooking the pool, as well as the […]

Tandjung Sari Hotel

Tandjung Sari Hotel is precious original. One of Bali’s best kept secrets, Tandjung Sari Hotel was opened in 1962 as four – bungalow extension to his family by Indonesia Proprietor Wijo Wawo-Runtu. Tandjung Sari Hotel is located in Sanur, Bali […]